Technology refined over a hundred years for the next hundred years.

“The comfort of a hot drink given to me as a child by my parent—that is a feeling I will always cherish.”

Tiger’s journey began with the company’s founder accepting an apprenticeship after the failure of his family’s business, and it is his childhood memory above that inspired the first Tiger thermal bottle. Perfected by a century of research and development, Tiger Thermalware with its vacuum-insulation technology would eventually make its way into space to transport test samples back to earth from the International Space Station.

Advanced vacuum insulation designed to keep test samples within a precise temperature range.
Sturdy enough to withstand the violent impact of the capsule plunging into the sea upon reentry.

Tiger’s robust, yet delicately balanced, vacuum-insulation technology is at the core of every Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottle. Each bottle is the product of exacting quality-control standards that govern every stage of the manufacturing process from the acquisition of raw materials to final in-house production at our three factories.

Tiger continues its thermal research to this day, along with its vision of bringing people together through the shared pleasure of comforting hot tea and refreshing cool water. Our aspiration is for our vacuum-insulation technology to be used for the betterment of society, the environment, human rights, and health the world over.