the Four Pledges of Tiger Vacuum Bottles



- We pledge never to use conflict minerals.

We do not use minerals that have been mined and sold to fund military conflicts.
Furthermore, we will not deal with any company that employs workers younger than the age of sixteen.
We will not use raw materials, no matter how economical, that can be linked in some way to human suffering.
We believe that the foundation of a sustainable society is respect for human rights.

Wishing that all the people in the world will be able to use clean water,
we will donate a part of our sales to an international NGO WaterAid.

We believe that the foundation of a sustainable society is respect for human rights.



- We will not use fluorine coatings in our products.

There are several thousand perfluorinated compounds, some of which were permitted for use in the past but are now prohibited by international treaties.

Considering the potential harm to both human health and the environment, we do not use fluorine coatings in our bottles. We have been able to obtain the same stain-resistant finish with advanced polishing techniques.

*Read more about Tiger's thermal bottles
with no fluorine coating.



- We use only in-house production.

To ensure that we never compromise the health of our customers, we manufacture all eight million bottles produced each year on average in-house at our three factories, regardless of the cost.

Our team directly manages every stage of production and the quality-control process according to our exact spec.

Our antibacterial lid was born in one of our three factories thanks to the established in-house production system.
Read details about the antibacterial lid.



- We encourage the use of personal reusable bottles to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.

Even though there is a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic waste, in Japan alone 25.2 billion plastic bottles per year are currently produced for use as beverage containers. We see this wasteful use of plastic every day.

By popularizing the use of personal reusable bottles, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world.

Around 80 percent of Tiger’s product line-up is currently manufactured without a fluorine coating. Furthermore, Tiger’s entire range of stainless-steel bottles are now made with no fluorine coating.

The year 2023 will mark one hundred years since Tiger created its first thermal bottle. As that important anniversary approaches, we continue our research into the development of products that are completely free of fluorine coating.