Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Distributor Tiger Corporation
Operation director Kazuhito Nishi
Address 3-1 Hayamicho, Kadoma-shi,
Osaka 571-8571
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  • We will reply to your inquiry via your email address latest by the next business day.
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Customer Service, Tiger Corporation: 0570-011101
Business hours: 9:00am – 5:00 pm Mondays to Fridays (except for National Holidays and the Company’s seasonal off days)

  • Please call 06-6906-2121 if you don’t have access to Navi-dial.
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Payment method
  • Credit card
    The following credit cards are accepted.

    • Some credit cards above may not be accepted if they were issued in countries other than Japan
  • Cash on delivery (COD)
Selling price As indicated on each merchandise page
Additional cost other than the merchandise price

*The amount of tax included will vary depending on the consumption tax rate.
Japanese consumption tax is not included in the price of the goods when purchased from overseas.

Shipping costs

Overseas shipping:
You will be charged for the actual cost of DHL for overseas shipment. Any customs or import tax will be borne by the customer. Please also ensure that products are eligible for import to your country. VAT is not included in the retail price of our items nor will VAT be charged.

In Japan:
A shipping cost of 550 yen (tax included) shall be charged for any order less than 5,000 yen (tax included).

  • We strictly do not combine orders to refund shipping cost even if the combination of the orders is more than 5,000 yen (tax included). Please do confirm quantity before checking out.
  • An additional shipping cost of 500 yen will be charged per destination for delivery to more than one destination as long as the order is below 5,000 yen (tax included) per destination.




  • 購入者様による商品の受取り辞退等でお取引が成立しなかった場合でも決済手数料がかかります。
  • 決済手数料には運賃、振込手数料、収入印紙代は含まれておりません。
  • 1件あたりの代金引換額が55,000円(税込)以上の場合、印紙代相当額220円(税込)が必要になります。
  • 1回のお支払における代金引換額は300,000円までとなっております。


  • 配達時に、代金と引き換えに商品をお渡しする方法です。
  • 必ず弊社からの受注確認メールにてお支払総額・在庫状況・配送状況をご確認ください。
  • お支払総額は、(商品代金合計+消費税+代引手数料(税込))
  • 代金は商品配送時に配送員にお支払いください。
  • 一部地域ではご利用になれません。(その場合はご連絡致します。)
Sales quantity As indicated on each merchandise page
Delivery time

Delivery of the merchandise will be completed within a week after the order is accepted.

  • It may take, however, more than a week depending on the stock status of the product and the destination.
  • Due to natural disasters, traffic conditions, holiday period, the New Year holidays, or other circumstances, it may take more than a week.。
  • When shipping overseas, the number of delivery days is specified by the shipping company.
Delivery method 注文受付後、佐川急便にて発送いたします。お支払い方法が代引きの場合および一部地域へのお届けはヤマト便となります。

Please contact us within fourteen (14) days after delivery and return it to us.
However, exchange cannot be accepted in the following cases:

    • Items that have been damaged or broken for reasons not attributable to our company.
    • Products that have passed 14 days or more without any notification after the product arrived to your destination.


In the unlikely event that the delivered product is defective, please contact us within nine (9) days after delivery and return it to us within fourteen (14) days by cash on delivery of shipping cost.
Shipping costs for returning defective products will be borne by us.
After confirming the returned product, we will ship the non-defective product with our advance payment or return the price.


In the case of products returned because of customer's convenience such as image difference from the applied product, we will exchange or return the price only for unused and non-defective product.
In addition, the customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping and cash-on-delivery fees when returning or returning the product.
In the case of refund, the difference between the round-trip shipping fee and the cash-on-delivery fee at the time of delivery and return of the product will be refunded.
If you wish to change the product, we will return the product you sent earlier and process it by refund, so please order the product you want again.

If you wish to return or exchange, please read the above conditions and contact us via the inquiry form in advance.
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